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International News | September 21, 2021

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Presidential Scholar Award Goes To Two Outstanding International Students

Presidential Scholar Award Goes To Two Outstanding International Students

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| On 29, Jan 2014

Presidential Scholar Award Goes To Two Outstanding International Students

The Presidential Scholar Award was developed by former University of Colorado Denver President Hank Brown to identify and recognize outstanding students in the freshman class. Award recipients receive $2,500 USD toward tuition that recurs for eight (8) semesters, totaling $20,000 USD. They must maintain a 3.2/4.0 GPA. The University of Colorado Denver aspires to recruit academically talented international students from diverse geographic regions who will contribute to the university community; the Presidential Scholar Award helps to make this goal a reality.

  • International Student: Rothvitou Long

    Home country: Cambodia
    Major: Economics

    “America is my favorite spot,” explained Rothvitou Long, who is earning his undergraduate degree in Economics, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, at the University of Colorado Denver. “The high quality of education, along with the multinationals and vibrant environment of living and learning, really caught my attention.” The University of Colorado Denver, with its academic reputation, especially interested Long.

    “The university is located in the heart of this beautiful city. I can get access to many different places while studying at a university that is willing to give its best to me.”

    As a child studying in Cambodia, Long dreamed of studying in the United States to “gain as much knowledge and experience as possible” in order to share his newfound understandings with others in his home country and to “create a much better Cambodia”. His focus on academics during his high school years – a strong background in mathematics and a near-perfect secondary school GPA in a competitive college preparatory program – prepared Long for the opportunity of a Presidential Scholarship.

    He has discovered that the University of Colorado Denver offers a rigorous academic curriculum. And when it’s time to take a break from studies, the state’s 300 days of sunshine and blue skies are an invitation to Long’s favorite sport, soccer.

    “Besides playing sports, I also enjoy classical music; my favorite artist is Mozart.” He additionally takes time to volunteer in the community, having most recently served in the Red Cross Youth organization at his high school.

    “I like doing things that contribute to society; it makes me feel that I am helping, even if it is just a little,” said Long. “I also love to experience new things. Colorado is the best place for me to achieve my degree.”

  • International Student: Shiva Norouzi

    Home country: Iran
    Major: Biology

    Shiva Norouzi is excited about not only being able to improve her English at the ESL Academy, but also to be a part of the University of Colorado Denver from her first day of ESL classes.

    “This popular university is my dream school,” said Norouzi. “I can pursue my education on the highest level, with easy access to research and expert professors. It’s in a beautiful, ideal campus location.” She adds, “With my communication skills, I usually find new friends easily.

    Norouzi is earning a Biology degree; her goal is to become a medical doctor and to help find cures for diseases.

    “I know the quality of education that universities offer in the U.S. is spectacular. I truly believe that getting an education here will enable me to become a better professional.”

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