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International News | July 28, 2021

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The Power of Partnership: Honoring ICB’s 25 Years

The Power of Partnership: Honoring ICB’s 25 Years

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| On 17, Jul 2019

University of Colorado Denver & China Agricultural University

Graduation caps sailed sky high in both Denver and Beijing as CU Denver’s International College Beijing students celebrated Spring 2019 commencements. For a quarter of a century, the University of Colorado Denver and China Agricultural University have benefited from this unique collaboration in education. As the first partnership of its kind, International College Beijing (ICB) offers classes to Chinese students in China and Colorado, and provides undergraduate degrees in economics, communication, or dual degrees from the University of Colorado Denver.

During both ceremonies, CU Denver Chancellor Dr. Dorothy Horrell was present to personally congratulate the ICB graduates and to acknowledge the “remarkable foresight” of CU Denver’s partner, China Agricultural University.

“The ICB students graduating today, and those who will follow them, will inherit a world more interconnected than ever before,” said Dr. Horrell. “it is one that will require them to expand their perspectives, seek out diverse knowledge, and pursue a greater understanding of cultures other than their own.”

China currently sends approximately 270,000 students each year to enroll in U.S. universities – more than any other country. In the fall of 2019, more than 150 ICB students, including 75 new students, will be welcomed into classes at CU Denver.

Learning an American liberal arts curriculum in China or in the U.S. empowers ICB students to hone their critical thinking and communication skills and prepare for entering a global economy. CU Denver and CAU work effectively together in recognizing future trends and in designing programs by providing smaller, focused class sizes, opportunities for faculty-student interaction, and experiential education. These elements factor prominently into graduates’ future success in today’s rapidly evolving business environments.

ICB students make the most of their rich educational opportunities in Colorado. They actively engage in campus events, study abroad through CU Denver programs, volunteer to help with local communities, and maintain, on average, a GPA of 3.5. Alumni continue on into graduate programs at Boston University, Lehigh University, George Washington University, London School of Economics, Georgetown University, the University of Colorado Denver, and other respected institutions.

Graduates of the ICB program join more than 1,000 ICB alumni as the next generation of global citizens – innovators, communicators, policy makers, and leaders. Former ICB students have continued on into a variety of successful careers, including Multimedia Reporter for China Daily, Media Editor for China National Geographic, Digital Content Producer for CGTN America, and Business Manager for China Aerospace Construction Group Co., Ltd, to name a few.

During her commencement address, Dr. Horrell also honored the parents and family members, recognizing their wisdom and commitment to supporting a vision of achievement for their sons and daughters. “I want to offer my assurance that the education these students have received from the University of Colorado Denver will prepare them well for whatever the future holds.”

The celebrations will continue this fall. In October, representatives from the University of Colorado Denver will travel to Beijing to join CAU and ICB leadership – Vice President Gong, Party Secretary of ICB Chen, Dean Huang, Deputy Dean Xu, and Director Feng – as they mark the 25th Anniversary of the ICB partnership.

“We recognize that our ICB students are very special and are part of the important legacy of opening doors to higher education between the U.S. and China,” said Dr. Horrell.

“Your perspectives enliven and enhance our intellectual and cultural environment; American students gain a richer world view from knowing you.”

Learn More

Visit online to learn more International College Beijing.

Find out more about the Office of International Affairs.

A $5,000 ICB Graduate Fellowship from the Office of International Affairs and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is awarded annually to an outstanding International College Beijing student or alumnus/a who continues into graduate studies at CU Denver.

“The reason why we cooperate is because we believe the curriculum designed by the United States at CU Denver is very good.” – Meng Fanxi, Founding Dean

“I like to regard Denver as my second home. I really want to experience the communication education in China, but also in the United States, and be a global communicator.” – Fan Zhang, ICB alumna