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International News | May 8, 2021

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Nepalese Business Student: “CU Denver Is The Best Decision”

Nepalese Business Student: “CU Denver Is The Best Decision”

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| On 18, Mar 2015

Student Enjoys Educational and Outdoor Experiences in Colorado

Bikash Gupta
Undergraduate student, Information Systems/Business Administration
University of Colorado Denver

Why did you want to enroll in enroll in the University of Colorado Denver?

I heard about this college as a senior, I had some friends who were studying at the university. I did some research because I was still not sure about the university – it was totally new environment for me. I discovered that it is one of the best universities in Colorado and they have experienced and friendly professors. The atmosphere of the university is really awesome, people over here are very friendly. You do not feel like an outsider. It’s a quite amiable and cordial place to be and to study.

What advantages are you finding in receiving an education in an urban American environment?

It exposes you to different schools of thought and provides the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds. It helps you to understand the world from different people’s perspective and really broadens your horizon of thought. Learning things from experienced professors really helps you to develop and hone your skills and apply those to real life situation. It empowers you to grasp and learn new things in life, along with building the academic background required to succeed in today’s world.

Why do you think it’s important to have a global education and a better understanding of another country?

I think it’s very important to get a global education because today’s world is the age of globalization. The world is ever more interconnected than it was a few years ago. Migration is the norm rather than exception. Global education empowers us to learn about the world through the eyes of an outsider and help us to understand the world from different perspectives. It helps to understand the cultural differences between various people and makes us aware of how to better function in a different society; it helps us to differentiate what is acceptable and what is not .

Describe your most memorable learning experience.

Once I was working on my assignment and was not understanding how to figure it out. I mean, I knew what the answer was but didn’t understand its application. So I went to ask my teacher and he helped me by performing the actual experiment. This made the concept absolutely clear. As I result, I was able to express the solution elegantly.

While you have been earning your degree, what has been one of the biggest challenges and why?

The teaching system is different in Nepal and it was initially tough for me to write an essay or research paper for an American university. Thanks to the University of Colorado Denver, I was provided free services from the Writing Center and Tutoring.

What cultural events and recreation do you enjoy in Denver and in Colorado?

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in America. The weather is awesome, and they have so many beautiful places like Rocky Mountain and Red Rocks. People love to do trekking, camping in the mountains, and I love to go hiking, skiing and cheering for the Broncos.

What advice would you give to other international students who are considering studies at the University of Colorado Denver and in the U.S.?

They should look at the places they are going to for their studies, because some people talk a lot but in reality, it may not be like that when you get there. For example, you won’t get the same facilities in a school because it’s in a rural area and far away from the city. That makes it hard to find a job. For me, the University of Colorado Denver was the best decision because it’s in the center of Denver and it’s very convenient for everything. It’s the best study experience.

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