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International News | April 15, 2021

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Lateefah Young – South Korea

Lateefah Young – South Korea

CU Denver student wins Gilman and Freeman Asia scholarships for semester in Korea

With a longtime dream of working in the international music business industry, Lateefah Young, an undergraduate in the University of Colorado Denver Business School, could barely contain her excitement in learning that she’d be leaving for a four-month study abroad trip in Seoul, Korea.

“Ever since I thought about going to college, I knew that during my university experience I wanted to learn abroad,” said Young. “It’s part of the reason I chose CU Denver.”

As the music industry continues to change and global music becomes more the norm, Young felt it was important to see how the music industry and business world function in different countries. Learning about urbanization and democratization in South Korea was the focus of her overseas journey.

Korean society and its business environment continue to transform at a rapid rate. Seoul has a goal of becoming what’s been referred to as the “Manhattan of the East”, competing to become a strong cultural and economic point of Asia. At the same time, Koreans wish to honor their centuries of deep tradition. By visiting Seoul, Young and her fellow students on the Study Abroad/Global Education program experience ample opportunities to study the challenges faced by a country involved in transitioning from traditional, local patterns into a global economic powerhouse.

“Studying in a foreign country gives you a sense of confidence,” said Young. “When it’s time to begin your career, the experience is a huge resume-booster. You’re putting yourself a step in front of the competition and it sets you apart for the potential employer.”

Young acknowledged that it was challenging to balance her academic studies with the steps she needed to take in preparation for studying overseas. She also acknowledged that it was well worth it. One of her “biggest victories” was being awarded not only one, but two scholarships to study abroad: a $5,000 Gilman and a $5,000 Freeman Asia.

Young’s parting words before she left for her journey were, “The Study Abroad office in International Affairs really helped me to overcome obstacles, find funding, and make plans. I’m getting on a plane in a few days and can’t wait!”

Within her first week in Korea, Young was tapped to appear in a commercial featuring a Korean television show. It was an interesting start for learning even more about business in Asia. To discover more about Study Abroad/Global Education programs, Office of International Affairs, University of Colorado Denver, visit online: