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International News | July 16, 2019

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Education at CU Denver Reveals New Career Direction

Education at CU Denver Reveals New Career Direction

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| On 03, Dec 2013

ICB Student Junfei Tian

By Haiyue Liu

Junfei Tian, a senior at the University of Colorado Denver majoring in communication and minoring in art and creative writing, reflected on life in Denver and remembered the first time she arrived in the United States. “I came here because it’s a land of possibilities. I really like this country.”

  • Since Tian’s arrival in Denver three years ago, she chose to minor in art studies. “My parents are both working in law, but I want to do something different, something by myself,” said Tian. Art may be a hobby for other people, but it means something very different to Tian. “I was brought up by my grandfather,” she said, “My grandfather learned traditional Chinese painting by himself. In doing art, I am following my grandfather’s dream.”

    In order to experience even more, including a new artistic culture, Tian joined CU Denver’s study abroad program, “Interdisciplinary Art in Ireland,” in the summer of 2013. She was the only Chinese student and the first ICB student in the class.

    “Ireland is a fairy kingdom in my dream. The whole country is filled with an artistic sense,” described Tian. “I wanted to go there and experience a diverse culture.”

    Tian noted that she experienced many “first times” in Ireland: the first time in making statues, the first time creating oil paintings, and she even presented her first art exhibition.

    “I really loved our class environment in Ireland because I felt like I was a real artist,” she said. “Everyone enjoyed my paintings very much, and several audience members even asked for my card!” Tian also met many local artists, and they became good friends. “This CU Denver travel study program was one of the most important turning points in my life,” said Tian, “I realize that the real value of art is to encourage others and to bring them happiness. You can renew your heart and mind in the art world.”

    When Tian came to back Denver, the class exhibition, “Interdisciplinary Art in Ireland,” was also displayed in a hotel in Denver’s prestigious 16th Street Mall. Tian believes this is just a beginning for her art career.

    Tian feels that she had a very meaningful time in Denver through all of her educational experiences. She is now applying to graduate schools. She believes that “the happiest thing in the world is combining your hobby and your career together.” Tian is on her way to finding more of that full happiness.

  • 优秀学生介绍:田珺霏



    为了获得更多关于艺术的知识,田珺霏在今年夏天报名参加了“Interdisciplinary Art in Ireland”课程并去往爱尔兰学习。她是这个课的第一位ICB学生更是本次班级中唯一一位中国学生。田珺霏说:“爱尔兰在我印象当中一直是一个童话王国。整个国家都充满了艺术气息。我希望能在那里寻找不同的艺术灵感并感受不同的文化气息。”