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International News | November 25, 2020

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“Degree from CU Denver Leads to Greater Job Stability”

“Degree from CU Denver Leads to Greater Job Stability”

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| On 16, Feb 2017

Thai Alumnus Maximizes Marketing Degree

Kunpot Suriwong
Home country: Thailand
Degree: Master’s in Business Administration & Management; Marketing
University of Colorado Denver

Within your industry, what are some of your favorite areas of focus, and why?

I have a big passion for marketing research. Landing my first job in an online shopping startup opens a whole new perspective of marketing. It’s somewhat related to my degree but it also provides me with an opportunity to learn and grow. I am working as a content marketer. I usually apply marketing research knowledge to understand and find out what kinds of content online readers like. so that I can create appealing content for them.

What were some of your most memorable learning experiences at the University of Colorado Denver? Were there any people you met along the way, faculty, staff or fellow students, who helped you with your studies, with adapting to a new culture, etc.?

One of the most memorable experiences I had was when I received an opportunity to work for the Office of International Affairs (OIA). My role was to organize an event called “NationaliTEA”, where I was able to meet interesting people and gain more knowledge. The organizing committee was composed of students from different countries such as Pakistan, India, Thailand, and China. In addition, there was a great supervisor, Joanne Wambeke, who oversaw the project with care.

I became involved in many university activities and have met many amazing people from OIA. They are a group of people who help international students like me to settle down in the beautiful city and adapt to a new culture. Without them, my life and experiences in Denver would not be the same.

How has your University of Colorado Denver education helped you in your professional life?

I currently work at iPrice, a startup company in Malaysia. It has operated in seven countries all over Southeast Asia. A whole team, which is composed of people from different countries, works closely to share knowledge and how-to’s.

Coming from Thailand, where there is monoculture; CU Denver taught me to broaden my perspectives and prepared me to have a global mindset.

One of the key takeaways from CU Denver’s marketing class is that everyone or every market is different; you need to learn and accept the differences, apply a customized strategy to communicate with each one.

Working in a company with people come from various backgrounds, I learn about new ways of doing things. A global mindset is key. We all need to be open-minded to absorb information, traditions, and cultures from other people. Also, hopefully the company’s team members are aligned and willing to do the same to achieve their common goals. This is what CU Denver prepared me for.

From your viewpoint, what is particularly interesting or unique about the University of Colorado Denver?

Because the location of the university is in downtown Denver. I never felt like I was being left out of what’s going on in the real world. As a marketer, I love to walk around the city and discover more about new products and services. A vibrant city like Denver never disappointed me in catching up with the trends.

Studying in a thriving American city such as Denver means that students have opportunities for making international business and career contacts. What is the value of going to school in a downtown urban environment?

CU Denver allows students to have convenient access to businesses and organizations. There is a huge opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience through internships and class-projects. I personally seized the opportunity to work on a marketing research project by conducting a survey for a new clothing company that was opening in downtown Denver.

In your opinion, what are some ways that a degree from CU Denver will continue to benefit not only the students, but also communities around the world? 

A degree from CU Denver will lead a student to greater job stability. Either working in a corporate environment or in your own business, you are contributing to the community somehow. Graduates go out and learn from every opportunity that comes their way; they contribute back to the community, too.

What would you say to international students and their parents who are considering the University of Colorado Denver in America?

Choosing to study at the University of Colorado Denver is one of the best decisions I have made. CU Denver has one of the best marketing programs in the country. Also, the fact that classes are conducted in downtown campus makes it even more exciting.

I can tell you now, as I am now working abroad, the education and experience I gained from CU Denver has helped me tremendously in my career. I am sure you will gain wonderful experiences from studying here and make a lot of lifelong friendships. Whether you plan to work in the United States after graduation or work internationally, CU Denver is at your back. It gets you there. 

If you could fast forward to ten years from now, what would you like to see happening in education?

If I could fast forward 10 years from now, I would like to see a strong education system that connects students from around the world. Students in some countries have less opportunity to gain a good education to further their career, and to help the community. In addition, even fewer people get the opportunity to further their education abroad. I foresee CU Online degree as a big new platform that is going to change and improve the education system worldwide.

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