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International News | January 19, 2021

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ICB Alumni Well Prepared for Graduate School

ICB Alumni Well Prepared for Graduate School

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| On 20, Mar 2014

Profile: Hui Du

Students who earn an undergraduate degree from International College Beijing (ICB), a joint program between the University of Colorado Denver and China Agricultural University, are well prepared for acceptance into prestigious graduate level programs throughout the world. A 2013 graduate of ICB, Hui (Vincent) Du is studying in the Master of Science in Communication program at Northwestern University.

In reflecting upon his educational experience at ICB, Du said, “ICB is one of the best international education programs in China; I have learned so many useful things from my professors, friends and classmates.”

Serving as a model to other universities worldwide, ICB offers degrees in economics or communication or a dual degree. Students can study on both the Denver and Beijing campuses. Approximately 120 ICB students study annually at CU Denver; their average grade point average is 3.5. Du chose to stay in Beijing to finish his bachelor’s degree, and felt that he was lucky meet so many excellent professors. “Not only have they taught knowledge, but also they have given me much insightful advice.”

Du shared one of his most unforgettable moments at ICB:

“It happened very late at night during the final weeks. We were reviewing for final exams in the ICB student lounge. The atmosphere at that moment was very depressed because we still did not know to which graduate programs we would be accepted and felt so uncertain about our future. Just then, the math professor, Alex Engau, stopped by on his way back home, and he reminded us that we should go back to our dorms as it was very late. We responded to him that we had to review for the GRE test. He asked us what schools we were applying to. Everyone was quiet because we did not know yet. He came in and spoke to us, encouraging us to follow our interests. He thought we considered too much in selecting programs, and reminded us that a true interest was the best motivation to learn. If we did not love what we would learn, we probably would experience pain in dealing with the problems we would encounter. I really appreciated the fact that he spent time encouraging us. ”

Du was a very hard-working student during his time at ICB, and he encouraged the current ICB students to learn how to think critically. “Compared with other Chinese school students, we don’t simply accept what professors said in class or simply memorize knowledge in textbooks—we learn to challenge ideas. By thinking critically, I can much more interact with the professors and with the class. Also, I can have my own insightful understanding.”

Du is currently studying at Northwestern University, one of America’s top universities. Even though Du received a four-year American education at ICB, he still felt “different” when he first arrived at Northwestern. Du explained, “Because it is a graduate program, the competition at Northwestern University is fierce and classes are much intense. I also have to continually adapt to American culture.”

With an August graduation in sight, Du is thinking about his future career. “I plan to go back home after graduation. First, I love my culture. Different cultures have their unique norms and rituals. I think my personality better fits Chinese culture. As a culturally related student, it is better for me to do business in my culture. Also, the potential market in China is huge. There are all kinds of possibilities in China. Therefore, I think I can have good opportunities to develop my career.”

Du suggested that current ICB students make every day meaningful. “Don’t waste time during your college years. They could be the best time of your life!”

By Haiyue Liu

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