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International News | October 17, 2019

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Globetrotting & Learning

Students exposed to world of opportunity at Study Abroad Fair


DENVER – A lover of classic art, University of Colorado Denver student Kendall Thompson can’t wait to get overseas to browse the countless art galleries in Europe.

That’s why she strolled the booths of the Study Abroad Fair at Tivoli Turnhalle today. The CU Denver Office of Global Education and the Metropolitan State College Office of International Studies jointly hosted the fair.

“In my art history class I’m learning about all the art in Europe,” said Thompson, a sophomore in art history. “I think being able to actually go see it will help me learn about it and appreciate it more.”

The fair featured 19 trip providers, offering learning opportunities – lasting anywhere between a couple weeks to a full semester – in Europe, Asia and beyond.

“It opens up students’ eyes to different cultures and different experiences,” said Meghan Zafuto, CU Denver Study Abroad coordinator. “A lot of our students haven’t even left Colorado. So leaving the country is a big deal for them.”

Zafuto said the faculty-led trips range from summer programs to Maymesters, which are typically a three-credit, full-semester class compressed into about three weeks. Scholarships are available for some trips.

Anne Marie Longtine, a junior majoring in digital design, said she was looking for places to study abroad as well as financing information. “Scandinavian by Design,” a trip to Copenhagen led by faculty in digital design in the College of Arts and Media, caught her eye because Scandinavians are renowned for their collaborative and innovative approaches to design.

“I love to travel and I think it will be a great experience for me to see another culture and see how they design and develop a better environment,” Longtine said.

Tony Robinson, PhD, chair of the Political Science Department, offered students information about a two-week trip to Seoul. On alternating years, the department takes students to Seoul, South Korea and Berlin, Germany. The roster for this year’s June trip, which accommodates up to 18 students, is quickly filling up.

Robinson said the program focuses on the tensions developing between the traditional ways in Korea and the rapidly growing modern side of the country. “We look into the political struggles over Korea going global,” he said. “Korea is becoming a global powerhouse and that involves a lot of political struggle.”

Thompson is in her first semester at CU Denver and is impressed with the international offerings.

“They have great study abroad programs coming through here,” she said. “I don’t know if I’ll go on one this year, but definitely next year.”

For more information about Study Abroad, call 303-315-2230; visit the office at Lawrence Street Center, 1380 Lawrence St., 9th floor; or email