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International News | September 23, 2020

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Intercultural Club Beijing Brings Reunion on Mid-Autumn Festival Night

Intercultural Club Beijing Brings Reunion on Mid-Autumn Festival Night

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| On 02, Nov 2015

In China, the mid-autumn festival means “reunion”. Family members, no matter how far they are from their home, make their best effort to come together and celebrate this auspicious full moon time of abundance and luck. According to the lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival occurs on September 27; and on September 28th the Intercultural Club Beijing (ICB Club) at the University of Colorado Denver hosted a lively banquet for Chinese students, faculty, and friends.

More than 200 people enjoyed the successful celebratory banquet, complete with an entertaining program of song and dance. A compelling audio-visual show was supported by the sound system provided by the university’s Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Department.

The Bollywood Club dancers opened the program, dressed in traditional Indian costumes and swaying in time with energetic music. A local band performed a medley of inspiring songs that were followed by rounds of applause.

One of the evening’s surprises was the performance by MIX, a University of Colorado Denver award-winning contemporary a cappella singing group. (“A capella” means singing without instrumental accompaniment; some groups use their voices to emulate instruments; others focus on harmonizing.) Audience members cheered for the perfect group’s performance and took plenty of cell phone videos.

Another popular performance of the night featured eight girls and boys performing a love story musical drama. Sam McGuire, professor and chairman of the school’s music department, played electronic music against a backdrop showing a video he created when he taught in Beijing. It evoked thoughts of faraway China for many listeners. The banquet was concluded with a performance by Qiaochen Liu, a graduate student at CU Denver, who sang “Moonlight in the City” with her charming signature sound.

Guests and participants enjoyed a variety of traditional Chinese foods that included “moon cakes” prepared by the ICB Club. The round shapes of the dessert represent the moon and the idea of reunion. As the Chinese students enjoyed the food and the show together with their friends and faculty, it reminded them of celebrating the day with their families and helped many of the students feel less homesick.

Although most students could not return home for this festival, they relished the traditional Chinese dishes, moon cakes, and the wonderful performances along with their classmates, professors, and new friends nearby. As one student expressed, “A feeling of reunion sang a song into their mind and filled the soul.” Thanks to this special banquet event, everyone left with warm memories from this year’s mid-autumn festival.

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