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International News | February 29, 2020

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“It’s Never Too Late To Choose The Life You Want”

“It’s Never Too Late To Choose The Life You Want”

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| On 05, Jul 2016

CU Denver ESL Graduates Embark On Careers

If you’ve ever spent hours researching a topic, written a 10-page paper on your findings, then presented your discoveries to a live audience, you know how intense the process can be. It takes determination, commitment, and follow-through. Now, imagine going through the whole experience in a different language. More challenging? Most certainly. More rewarding? Just ask the Level 5 international students who recently graduated from the ESL Academy, University of Colorado Denver:


Jumanah Alansari
Research Topic Presentation: Global Warming

“Coming here to the ESL Academy has changed me completely. I learned how to truly take care of myself. Before coming here, I never knew I would have friends so many diverse countries. I’ve been in other universities before, but this community is like family. To the new students in the ESL Academy, remember that the teachers are not here to fail you, they are here to encourage and help you to be successful.

“I am joined here today by my mother. I would like to say to her: ‘Mama, you should be very proud; you worked hard and helped make me the woman I am today.’”


Hudaifah Alsobhi
Research Topic Presentation: Arbitration

“Always keep yourself motivated. No matter how talented you are, there will be a time when things will work against you. But what matters is how you will respond and go forward.

“I overcame challenges in speaking and am now studying to become a lawyer. Everything we believe in and deserve is on the other side of fear.”


Thanakhan Malithong
Research Topic Presentation: Cyber-Bullying: A Serious Problem With Serious Consequences

“I made a best friend here who is from Kuwait. (Malithong is a native of Thailand.) All of you in the ESL Academy, who come from countries around the world, are now like my brothers and sisters.”


Abdulrahman Aldawsari
Research Topic Presentation: Videogame Addiction

“I worked as a policeman in Saudi Arabia because I have a strong desire to protect and help people. I decided to also help people improve their lives in other ways, too. I am studying information technology and engineering.

“Know that it is never too late to choose the life you want. Believe in your dream; do not let anything drag you down. Nothing is impossible with hard work and a strong will.”


Abdulaziz Alwegaryan
Research Topic Presentation: Management Options for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

“This ESL Academy is a perfect place. Thanks to the ESL Academy, I am ready to face the world and my career.”

Guest Speaker: Bassam Hassan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Colorado Denver

“Today is the end of a journey in which you made a very wise decision and made the commitment to the ESL Academy. Political, security and cultural interactions have reached an unprecedented level in the world.  Conflicts have one thing in common – the failure to embrace people’s differences and the failure of the ability to communicate. Hence, the importance of the ESL Academy, International Affairs, and Study Abroad to provide opportunities for students from different countries to interact and build bridges. You ESL graduates are ambassadors of your culture.

“Studying in a foreign country is a privilege. With privilege comes responsibility to create a more harmonious, pluralistic, and just world. May these principles be your guiding stars on your next journey. I’m sure you will continue to make your family and friends proud of you.”

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About the ESL Academy

Enter the ESL Academy at the University of Colorado Denver and discover a new world of academic, cultural, and social opportunities. English immersion at the ESL Academy facilitates English proficiency and ensures academic success in degree programs.

ESL Academy graduates:

  • Are able to write a 10-page research paper using APA or MLA formatting
  • Can present research effectively using technology to a large audience
  • Know the scholarly requirements in their American degree-program
  • Write accurate essays in the American academic style
  • Use friendly interpersonal skills to make friends
  • Are familiar with the CU Denver buildings, resources, and student services

CU Ready: Get ready for success in an American classroom. Learn more about a special pre-semester workshop for international students that takes place from August 15-19, 2016.