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International News | January 17, 2021

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Full-Spectrum English Language Support For Careers

Full-Spectrum English Language Support For Careers

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| On 10, Dec 2018

CU Denver ESL Academy Benefits International Students & Scholars

Global access to new business markets, fueled by the exponential growth of technology, research and development, and modern project management tools have expanded organizations’ abilities to create effective project teams that span multiple countries. Industries including construction, architectural design, finance, information technology, energy, and healthcare are experiencing benefits from international teamwork and collaboration.

As the interconnectedness between professionals and between societies grows, clear communications are essential.

The University of Colorado Denver recognizes and responds to the needs of working professionals and students who have a next-level career trajectory in view. Through the University’s variety of English language programs, international students and scholars are able to hone their skills in public speaking, research presentation, grant and report writing, teamwork, as well as increase their comfort level in classroom and business interactions.

Individual students and professionals as well as cohort groups take advantage of classes at the ESL Academy. They arrive at CU Denver from diverse global regions and carry equally diversified career and study interests.

Chinese students who are in the university’s partnership program with Northeast Forestry University focus on advanced engineering knowledge at the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Future dentists from Kuwait engage in the BS/DDS program that crosses from CU Denver to CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Emiratis in law enforcement study criminal justice at the School of Public Affairs.

Senior Deputy Directors in various branches of the South Korean government enhance their expertise in public administration. They are provided with content-based instruction that elevates their communications skills in English specific to their profession.

For international researchers, teachers, and healthcare professionals, the Voice and Accent Coaching Workshop for Medical Professionals offers practical techniques and training that improve English language competence.

A popular informal program, the International Scholar Collaborative Opportunity for Research Exchange (ISCORE), partners American undergraduate students in pre-health at CU Denver with respected international scholars/researchers at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. The students gain valuable understanding about research and develop their English tutoring abilities. In turn, the international scholars develop their mentorship skills and their comfort with the English language.

Innovative approaches are emerging from the international corporate, non-profit, and educational sectors that open pathways for building better global communities and workplaces. CU Denver looks ahead to new horizons alongside its international students and scholars, and the ESL Academy plays a unique role in supporting bright futures for their careers. 

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 (Photo: ESL Academy cohort group of Senior Deputy Directors from a variety of government ministries in South Korea. The Senior Deputy Directors carry professional expertise in their respective areas — fields ranging from information and transport infrastructure to weapons acquisitions and deployment to the ministry of Korean reunification and humanitarian assistance to North Korea. They attended a 6-week English course to prepare for entrance into the Accelerated Masters program in Public Affairs at CU Denver.)