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International News | February 29, 2020

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Electrical Engineering Students Earn Plaudits at Conference

Electrical Engineering Students Earn Plaudits at Conference

International Student and Teammates Present on Sustainable Energy

For Hassan Alzamzam, his academic journey may have brought him halfway across the globe, but his research and determination have earned him recognition on a scale that extends beyond the classroom. Alongside his engineering student group from the University of Colorado Denver, Alzamzam presented at the 2013 IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) GreenTech conference in Denver, regarding practical alternative energy sources. The undergraduate student noted, “I can’t take all the credit because my group and I came up with the idea as a team…”, and their collective determination has resulted in a potentially beneficial source of energy for not only Colorado, but the United States as a whole.

Under the tutelage of the Electrical Engineering department, Alzamzam and his student peers compiled research about alternative, non-carbon based energy sources. Their conclusions came to find that Sterling Dish generators could be more efficient receptacles for solar power than current technology, and earned them the opportunity to speak before professional peers.

When asked if these Dish Generators could be practical for Denver, Alzamzam responded, “Yes I believe that they (the dishes) will help, because we need new methods that do not harm the atmosphere.” The goals of his research will expand to “…coming up with more affordable ways to emit power to everyone in a safe manner” and “to educate people on the importance of generating power in ways not harmful to the atmosphere.”

Coming from Saudi Arabia, Alzamzam had a solid foundation in making his decision to attend CU Denver. “I enrolled in this university because my cousin graduated in 2002 and he told me about his experience and recommended I enroll. I heard nothing but great things about the school,” he explained. His family has been very supportive of his pursuit of a degree far from home.

Since he arrived in 2008, he has conquered the challenges presented by the English language with the assistance of ESL classes. This service is now offered by the CU Denver ESL Academy, which opened in 2012. “Yes, I’ve had some difficulty with speaking English and grammar, but by asking questions and being driven I have been able to learn.” Alzamzam is set to graduate in May 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. The practical experience gained from his research will go wherever his professional life takes him.

His pragmatic approach to his research carried over to the final bit of advice he shared for incoming International students. “They should work and study very hard and always keep their goal, to succeed in a university, in mind. Never stray from that goal. Staying focused and being determined will help them in their journey.” With his own undergraduate journey almost over, Alzamzam’ s determination will be a guiding factor in improving whatever community he finds himself in.

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