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International News | July 25, 2021

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CU Denver Advantages? “Terrific Reputation, Safe Campus”

CU Denver Advantages? “Terrific Reputation, Safe Campus”

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| On 13, Jun 2017

Brazilian High School Exchange Student Returns To Denver For College

Undergraduate Student: Anna Luiza
Degree Program: Financial Management and Accounting
Home Country: Brazil

Why did you want to enroll in enroll in the University of Colorado Denver?

I wanted to enroll at CU Denver, because as a former exchange student in this city, I fell in love with it and wanted to come back. The University of Colorado has a terrific reputation in the state of Colorado and what better campus to choose if not the one located at the heart of the capital? CU Denver has a beautiful campus with a wonderful location and nonetheless, it provides a great education.

What degree program will (are) you pursue at the University of Colorado Denver?

I am pursuing double bachelors in Financial Management and Accounting. I grew up with business owners so I learned a lot about businesses growing up and learned how to love the field.

Have you felt welcomed at CU Denver? Is Denver an interesting city to live in?

The people here are very welcoming to foreigners and open to new perspectives. Denver is great. When you are in the heart of downtown, you have everything that you could ever need in a big city and if you drive for 20 minutes into the suburbs you can have the feeling of a small town life, where kids can play on the streets and everyone knows each other in the neighborhood. It is like two different life styles in one place.

What advantages are you finding in receiving an education in an urban American environment? Why do you think it’s important to have a global education and a better understanding of another country?

For me, the biggest advantage in receiving an education at CU Denver than I would have had in my hometown is the safety. I come from a very dangerous city, so not worrying about being robbed or killed on my way to school is very high in my advantages list. Having a global education is extremely important academically but especially in personal growth. When you are “alone” in a different country and with a different culture, you learn a lot about your true self and discover things about yourself that you had never imagined. I tell everyone I know, if you can study abroad, go and do not look back.

While you have been earning your degree, what has been one of the biggest challenges and why?

My biggest challenge was adapting to the difference in learning style. However, it was only an adaptation phase and I got used to the American style. English was not a huge challenge for me, however, whenever I would face a barrier my professors were always very gracious and helped me with my language difficulty.

What cultural events and recreation do you enjoy in Denver and in Colorado?

I love how people are very active in Colorado. During winter, most people enjoy skiing and enjoy the snow in the mountains in many different ways. During summer, they go hiking and do many outdoor activities with their families.

What do your friends and family think about your studying in America—do you think they are proud of your accomplishments?

My family and friends are very happy and proud of me. Getting a higher education in the United States has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl, so they are all very happy to see me accomplish my dream.

What advice would you give to other international students who are considering studies at the University of Colorado Denver and in the U.S.?

Work hard, have faith and follow your dreams. You always can achieve more than you have ever dreamed as long as you work hard for it and do not give up when facing barriers; they are not there to stop you, they are there to make you learn from them.

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