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International News | July 27, 2021

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Alumni Gatherings: East Coast U.S.A.

Alumni Gatherings: East Coast U.S.A.

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| On 01, Oct 2013

Boston and Washington, D.C.

By Joanne Wambeke

While attending a conference in Boston this July, Joanne Wambeke of International Colleges and Partnerships was overjoyed to reunite with three ICB alumni in the Boston area:  Yueran Wei, Xin Wang, and Jinghang Jia.  The group gathered in Boston’s China Town for an authentic Chinese meal (complete with chicken feet).  During her October vacation to the Washington, D.C. area, Joanne also reconnected with ICB alumna Fan Zhang.


Here’s what the former ICB students are up to now:

Yueran Wei (Communication 2011 graduate) achieved a master’s in public relations from Boston University this spring.  He is now pursuing his optional practical training (OPT) as a project manager for a health-related product start-up company called Epler Health—a position he found via an online search. His job is to expand the Chinese market.  Wei also manages the website and social media for the company.  When he’s not working, he enjoys working out, boxing, and blogging about video games.

Xin Wang (Economics 2012 graduate) is pursuing a masters in economics at Boston University and hopes to graduate this December.  He scored a one-month internship at ORC International, a global market research company.  Upon graduating, he plans to pursue a career in investment banking.  In his spare time, Wang enjoys working out and skiing.

Jinghang Jia (Economics 2011 graduate) completed her masters in economic policy at Boston University in May.  After traveling around the United States, she returned to China to work as a research assistant for a professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance, where she may pursue a PhD.  Eventually, she intends to work for a government agency in China.  Jia’s advice to students now studying in Denver is to “DO MORE!  Go to Red Rocks and skiing!  Get a car and drive everywhere!”  Jia very much misses Colorado.  Maybe we’ll see her back here one day!

Fan Zhang (2011 Communication Graduate) is pursuing a Mater’s in global communication from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She is expecting to graduate May 2014. Fan participated in an exchange to Geneva Switzerland in spring 2013 and achieved a certificate in International Relations and International Development. She is currently in Washington, D.C. to continue her studies while interning at CCTV (China Central Television)-America as a broadcasting operations intern. When talking about Denver, Fan said that she missed the lawn in front of the plaza. She also wanted to encourage students to join the ICB club and enjoy the diversity of the campus.

Do you know of ICB alumni who are doing great things?  If so, please tell them to contact Joanne at [email protected].


作者: Joanne Wambeke

今年七月在波士顿参加会议时,国际事务部的员工 Joanne Wambeke 十分高兴有机会在波士顿地区和三名ICB毕业生重逢相聚:他们是 魏悦然,王昕,贾静航。他们一行人来到了波士顿的中国街,品尝了传统的中国美食(里面有完整的鸡脚)。在 十月的旅行中,Joanne 又重新联系到了毕业生张凡。


魏悦然(传播学 2011 毕业生) 在今年春季获得了 波士顿大学公共关系的硕士学位。 他目前正在利用 OPT项目在一家和保健品有关的新型公司,Epler Health, 做项目经理。这份工作是他自己在网上找到的。他的工作和中国国内市场同样有着联系。他同时也在为这家公司做网页管理和社交宣传。在平常闲暇时光,他喜欢健身,拳击和玩电子游戏。

王昕 (经济2012 毕业生) 正在波士顿大学攻读经济学。他计划今年十二月毕业。他曾经在ORC International,一家国际市场调查公司做过为期一个月的实习。毕业后,他计划在一家投资银行工作。平日里王昕喜欢健身和滑雪。

贾静航(经济学 2011毕业生) 今年五月在波士顿大学获得了她的经济政策学的硕士学位。在美国游历许久后,她回国在中国行政学院为教授做实验助理,她打算在那里攻读博士。她希望最终能够在中国政府部门机构工作。她对在丹佛学习的学生们的建议是,“多去尝试各种各样的事!去看红岩石,去滑雪!买辆车到处走一走!”她十分想念科罗拉多。希望我们能够看见她回来玩的一天。

张凡 (2011 传播学毕业生) 在乔治华盛顿大学攻读国际传播学硕士。她将于2014年5月毕业。 张凡在2013年春季参加了于瑞士日内瓦的交换生活动,并且获得了有关国际关系和国际发展项目的证书。她目前正在华盛顿特区继续她的学习,同时在做一份CCTV(中国中央电视台)与美国电视台的合作广播项目的实习。当谈到丹佛,张凡表示很想念plaza大楼前的草坪。她同时鼓励其他学生加入ICB俱乐部并且享受多姿多彩的 校园生活。

你知道其他ICB毕业生们的近况么?那么快来联系 Joanne at [email protected]