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International News | June 5, 2020

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2012 Gilman Scholarship Recipients

2012 Gilman Scholarship Recipients

For the Fall 2012 Semester, six CU Denver students received the Gilman Scholarship to study abroad: two are studying in Japan, two in Jordan, one in Morocco, and one in Italy.


The Gilman Scholarship Program offers awards for undergraduate study abroad and was established by the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000. This scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study abroad programs worldwide.


Stella Yuan is an International Studies major who has chosen to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan for one semester.  Having already visited Japan last summer, she is eager to return to her parents’ homeland to perfect her Japanese and explore her independence.  As for her studies, international experience is critical, and Stella undoubtedly hopes to acquire as much as she can, including volunteer work at the location of the recent tsunami disaster.  As part of her follow-up project for the Gilman Scholarship, Stella plans on acting as a sort of cultural liaison to assist those who wish to study in Japan as well as creating general interest for the country.


An experienced traveler of the Mediterranean region, Marisa Bennett is an Art History major who wants to experience the Middle East, most notably to behold first hand the UNESCO World Heritage Greco/Roman ruins in Jordan.  Having a background in Western art, Marisa hopes to expand her artistic knowledge by comparing it with Islamic and Arabic styles.  Additionally, when not chronicling her experiences in her Moleskine journal, she will most certainly be conversing in Arabic with local Jordanians.  Upon her return, she plans to share her experiences as well as promote the Gilman Scholarship and studying abroad at the Muslim Student Association as well as the Office of Global Education.


Often moving states in his childhood, Kelly Marlett is an International Studies major who has caught the bug for exploration and plans to spend an academic year in Morocco.  Being the first in his family to travel outside the U.S., he is excited to expand her cultural awareness.  Kelly intends to learn Arabic, visit the Sahara desert, and find inspiration for a future independent research project all while focusing his studies on the North African Islamic world.  While abroad, he will gather resources in order to create a presentation that will highlight his experiences abroad to the university and to interested students.


Jason Pratt, following his obsession of Asia that he has had since childhood, has chosen to study in Japan for an academic year.  An avid fan of Godzilla, he hopes to discover the ability to accept the eccentricities of people, including himself.  Having already lived abroad in Korea for 2 years, Jason is confident that he can successfully adapt to this new environment, which includes learning Japanese.  While abroad, he will be sure to keep his friends and followers up to date on his academics, culinary adventures, and video gaming through bi-monthly blogs.


Danee Chavez is a Marketing major who fell in love with the Italian way of living and has chosen to take her studies there for the fall semester.  She plans to open herself to this new way of life and free herself from what she is accustomed to. Pleased by the liberating independence of studying in another country, Danee hopes that being exposed to Italian art and graphic design will assist her in the world of advertising.  Once back in the U.S., she is determined to educate young girls in the Girl Scouts of America about self-esteem, following one’s goals, and pursuing the dream of studying abroad.